Share Capital


Amount of the Share Capital as at August 25, 2016.
Share Capital20.000.409,64 €
Ordinary shares114.761.225
Saving shares6.803
Nominal value-

Shareholders structure

The ordinary shareholders of Italiaonline S.p.A. holding more than 5% of the Company’s share capital, based on the information available as at August 25, 2016, are the following:

RegistrantShareholdersNumber of shares% on the ordinary share capital
Marchmont TrustLibero Acquisition S.à.r.l.67.500.000,00 58,82 %
GoldenTree Asset Management LPFondi GoldenTree *18.608.144,0016,21 %
Lasry MarcGL Europe Luxembourg S.à.r.l.15.930.433,0013,88 %
Market12.722.648,0011,09 %
Total114.761.225,00100,00 %

* GoldenTree Asset Management Lux S.à r.l., GoldenTree SG Partners L.P., GT NM L.P. and San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association.