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All the creativities delivered in redirect, tracking pixel included, must be provided in https. Creativities not conforming to https will be not published.

The format is delivered in Redirect by third-party services. Italiaonline uses Sizmek (ex MediaMind) as service.

Send creativities by email to Sizmek, with and Italiaonline Sales Account in copy, at least 3 working days before publication. If you prefer to use a different third-party service, provided that it is certified by Italiaonline, send tag to and Italiaonline Sales Account always within 3 days.


See templates Sizmek (ex MediaMind):

Redirect: mandatory.

Link and tracking


It’s possible to provide a URL or a phone number (with Click to Call functionality): they must be sent separately to Italiaonline, do not enter or change them in creativities. Each creativity can have a single URL or phone number associated with. Send to Italiaonline a link with a domain (e.g. …) or an equivalent click command, not an IP address (e.g. http://123.156.789 …). Telephone number must be provided including the area code and without spacing or punctuation: e.g. 0229047001. Only national calls are allowed, therefore do not enter the international prefix (+39 or 0039). Value added/premium services or any else extra cost number (e.g. 892 – 894 – 895 – 899 – etc.) are not admitted.

Tracking – Click count

Optional: provide a click command that tracks the landing page as indicated by the third-party service used.

Tracking – Impression count

Optional: provide a tracking pixel as indicated by the third-party service used. Italiaonline will accept only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol (all the elements of the redirect creativity must be recalled in safe mode).