Full Domination Expanding


All the creativities delivered in redirect, tracking pixel included, must be provided in https. Creativities not conforming to https will be not published.

It’s a product made up of 2 formats: Skin, delivered by Italiaonline, and MPU Expanding, delivered in Redirect by third-party services. It can be planned on Libero and Virgilio home pages.

Italiaonline uses Sizmek (ex MediaMind) service. For the management of materials, follow the instructions at the pages listed in the links below, then send confirmation to traffico@adv.italiaonline.it with reference to Italiaonline Sales Account in copy, at least 3 working days before publication. In the subject of the email, please indicate order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year): in absence of order ID, indicate the description (see the creativity policy for details).

Skin specifications

See Italiaonline specs: http://www.italiaonline.it/en/adv-format/skin/

Redirect: No. the format is delivered by Italiaonline, to which materials must be sent by email.

MPU Expanding specifications

See Italiaonline specs: http://www.italiaonline.it/en/adv-format/mpu-expanding/

Redirect: mandatory. Format delivered by Sizmek (ex MediaMind) in Redirect mode. Materials must be sent by email to Sizmek which will process them and will send a tag to Italiaonline.


Creativity can be managed with a unique tracking code or two tracking codes: one for the Skin and one for the MPU-Expanding. In both cases, specify in the mail if tracking codes are one or two and which creativity you want it to be associated with.