DEM (Libero or Virgilio) can be sent in 2 formats: HTML format and GIF/JPG format.

Send creativities by email to, with reference to Italiaonline Sales Account in copy, at least 3 working days before publication. In the subject of the email, please indicate order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year): in absence of order ID, indicate the description (see the creativity policy for details).

Available On

DEM categories

  • BASIC: combination of gender, age, geo.
  • MEDIUM: combination of interests, professions, geo, gender, age, family, or combination of companies and geo.
  • BEHAVIOURAL: sent to users who have opened a DEM of a product category over the last 30/60/90 days.

General information

RedirectNot allowed
ObjectPlain text, maximum 45 characters long including spaces.
SenderPlease provide an alternate alias for the sender, maximum length of 25 characters including spaces, which identifies the advertisement and/or the brand advertiser

HTML DEM specifications

FormatA *.html or *.htm file (not supported dynamic formats such as .asp, .net, .php, etc.) containing the text of the DEM and including any tracking codes.
Images (mandatory)Provide pictures in JPG, GIF, PNG format which will be linked by HTML using relative path.
Maximum weight HTML + images75 KB
CSS (stylesheets)The use of CSS is not allowed due to security policies: the webmail changes styles or automatically ignores CSS.
Inline stylesIt’s possible to use inline styles within individual HTML elements.
Recommended backgroundWe recommend the use of white background, as other colors would appear only on the mail client, but not on webmail that supports only the white background.
TAG not allowedstriped_HTML_tag=3D | ilayer…/ilayer | iframe…/iframe | script…/script | app=…/app | sound…/sound | bsound…/bsound | frameset…/frameset | frame…/frame | base…/base | embed…/embed | javascript | bgsound…/bgsound | form…/form

GIF/JPG specifications

File formatGIF, JPG
Number of imagesSend just 1 image (multiple images not allowed).
Maximum weight70 KB
Maximum sizeWidth 600 px (recommended 400/450 px)
LinkProvide the complete URL (see paragraph "Link and tracking" below)
Link to mapped imageIt’s possible to send DEM with mapped images (image with different clickable areas): that kind of DEM are sent in HTML format (see HTML DEM specifications above) with links and tracking included (see paragraph "Link and tracking" below).

Link and tracking


Links must always be included in HTML files, and have a maximum length of 255 characters. All links must be made up of a domain (eg: …) or a click command equivalent: no IP address (eg http: //123.156.789 …).

Tracking – Click count

Optional: it must always be included in the HTML. In case of DEM to the CPC, the count of the final click will be communicated to the customer 7 days after sending, through the official report signed and accredited by ContactLab provider. The report will contain information related to the shipment (Mail sent, Mail delivered, Click, Openings), and a specific detail of the clicks on the links in the DEM. For a correct count of clicks and impressions, must be replaced the anti-caching parameter (%%CACHEBUSTER%% or [timestamp]) with distinctive Italiaonline primary key ${ID}$.

Tracking – Impression count

Optional, in the case must always be included in the HTML. In the specific case of DEM to the CPC, to have a correct count of clicks and impressions, it is necessary to replace the anti-caching parameter (%%CACHEBUSTER%% or [timestamp]) with distinctive Italiaonline primary key ${ID}$.

Optimization and visualization

DEM sent by Italiaonline are optimized for proper viewing on webmails ( and with Internet Explorer 7 or higher versions, or via the main e-mail clients.