Brand Header Total


All the creativities delivered in redirect, tracking pixel included, must be provided in https. Creativities not conforming to https will be not published.

It’s a custom product made up of 2 formats: Wallpaper-Special Brand Header (delivered by Italiaonline) and Total (delivered in Redirect by third-party services).

The Brand Header Total changes the standard header of the pages: therefore creativities must be approved by Italiaonline staff before publication.

Send creativities by email to with reference to Italiaonline Sales Account in copy, at least 3 working days before the publication. In the subject of the email, please indicate order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year): in absence of order ID, indicate the description (see the creativity policy for details).

Wallpaper-Special Brand Header specifications

FormatStatic: 2 GIF or 2 JPEG
Size1.000x270 pixel and 1.192x270 pixel ( both of them )
Maximum weight100 KB
RedirectNo: the formats are delivered by Italiaonline.
Flash/Video compatibilityNo: the formats are not compatible.
PositioningLibero's or Virgilio's or Vortals hp header
Clickable areas
  • 1.000×270 px and 1.192x270 px creativities (excluding the search field, search button and Libero/Virgilio logos)
  • Side background of the page

Instructions for the two creativities

  • It’s mandatory to provide 2 creativities: 1.000x270 pixel ( max 100kb ) and 1.192x270 pixel ( max 100kb ). The creativities change the standard header of the page. On responsive sites, the creativities will be centered on top of the page.
  • The side background of the page and the areas of creativities not employable by the subject must have the same color.
  • Make sure that the elements of Virgilio and Libero portals (logo and search field in the white area) are clearly visible with proper contrast and readability. The portal elements are included in the PSD template by way of example, but should not be included in the creativity.
  • Creativities can accommodate a call to action button by the maximum size of 120×40 px.
  • Any logo displayed under the search field must be smaller than Libero and Virgilo logos.
  • The subjects of creativities should not occupy the area of ​​20 pixels below the search field and above the navigation menu, and the area of at least 60 pixels around the search button (highlighted grey area in the PSD template).
  • Create a gradient along the edge of creativities with the same color code of the background (code to be indicated to Italiaonline), in order to obtain a uniform and aesthetically appealing result.
  • Creativities cannot include frames or borders that delineate the boundary.

Total specifications

DescriptionFormat delivered in Redirect by third-party services (Sizmek)
Specifiche Italiaonline
Specifiche Sizmek


Creativities can be managed with a unique tracking code or two tracking codes: one for the Wallpaper-Special Brand Header and one for the Total. In both cases, specify in the mail if tracking codes are one or two and which creativity you want it to be associated with.


URL must be sent separately to Italiaonline, do not enter or change it in creativities. Each creativity can have a single URL associated with. Send to Italiaonline a link with a domain (eg: …) or an equivalent click command, not an IP address (eg http://123.156.789 …).

Tracking – Click count

Optional: provide a click command that tracks the landing page as indicated by the third party service used.

Tracking – Impression count

Optional: provide a tracking pixel as indicated by the third party service used. Italiaonline will accept only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol (all the elements of the redirect creativity must be recalled in safe mode).